Hatched in Easter 2010 and back by popular demand the Sisko Chocolate team are flat out making Easter creations which have the Easter Bunny hopping mad! 

A little quirky, definitely fun and with the warmth of handcrafted artistry, the flat eggs each have their own uniqueness making each one a limited edition. 

Available in various flavours, designs and sizes
Peppermint crunch - Milk and Dark Chocolate 
Espresso - Dark Chocolate
Raspberry Almond - White Chocolate 
Salted Caramel - Milk Chocolate 
Almond Praline - Milk Chocolate 
Hazelnut Praline - Milk Chocolate 
Spanish Milk Couverture - 38.8% cacao
French Dark Couverture - 70% cacao
Swiss White Couverture - 36% cacao