10 piece Chocolate Collection
10-piece Orb Collections
10-piece Orb Collections

10-piece Orb Collections

Sisko Chocolate
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Three Collections to choose from 

Signature Orb Collection - Handcrafted with luxurious and smooth French and Swiss Couverture Chocolate. Each Orb is a solid half sphere with inclusions of flavours, including  tangy freeze-dried fruits, crunchy nuts, spices, pure oils and coffee. 


French Orb Collection -  Handcrafted half spheres made with silky smooth French Couverture Chocolate. Includes favourites Caramelised White chocolate, Salted Caramel and Single Origin from Madagascar


Single Origin Orb Collection - Dark Chocolate | Vegan | Take a tasting journey through the regions of Peru, Madagascar,  Vietnam, Australia, Venezuela. Two of each and made for sharing. 

 * flavours are subject to availability the product may be replaced with a similar product *

How to enjoy Sisko Chocolate Orbs

Place the smooth chocolate orb in your mouth and allow it to begin to melt. Take a few bites and spread around your whole mouth, sides, the tip of the tongue. This will reveal the layers of flavourings and be extremely smooth. Enjoy.