We Exist To Create Sweet Moments of Joy in Everyday Life.

As Melbourne's leading bespoke chocolate studio, Sisko Chocolate specialises in innovative and unique chocolate creations. Established in 2009 by Christina Tantsis. Not only does Hawthorn studio serve as the heart of our production, it is one of our two retail stores, the second one being in Kyneton. We meticulously handcraft our chocolate creations, ensuring the highest quality and creativity.

Our Journey: From California to Melbourne

After a transformative seven-year sojourn in Northern California, immersed in a vibrant food and wine culture, Christina returned to Melbourne, energised to redefine the traditional chocolate experience. Her vision was clear: to merge her profound love of design with her passion for chocolate, creating not just products, but chocolate experiences that push the boundaries of culinary art. The robust food scene in Kyneton, reminiscent of California’s wine country, continues to inspire Christina’s creativity and innovation in chocolate-making.

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Hawthorn Studio: The Artisan Heart

Our Hawthorn location is where all our chocolates are crafted. We pride ourselves on using only the finest couverture chocolate, producing all our creations in small batches to ensure unmatched quality and satisfaction. This studio is the epicenter of our chocolate artistry, where each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously created.

Kyneton Boutique Store: A Gateway in the Macedon Ranges

What We Offer: Bespoke Chocolate Creations

Our Philosophy: Innovative, Visually Stunning, Delicious

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