Christmas = Love, Family, Happiness and Chocolate!

Six fast-paced weeks until Christmas. We get excited, we get overwhelmed, we get into a creative gift-giving mode, but most of all for many of us it is a race to the time off with family and friends. A timeout, a time to relax, reflect and celebrate a year that has past, filled with love, adventure, good, bad and all the in-between. We acknowledge that it has gone too fast, that we chipped away at some of our goals, our life's priorities muddled and disorganised at times. Most of all it is the perfect time to take a moment to thank those who helped us along the way. Who made the days a little brighter, more fun and successful. 

Our love in what we do is that we help create something that little bit special, that little bit different, coming from a place of creativity and obsession for bringing forward something pretty and delicious all at the same time. 

Every day we get to enjoy the smiles of those walking through our stores. We see the joy it brings them to gift one of our products because we know they will see that same exact spark of excitement that they expressed when they walked through our doors, in the face of those they gift too.  It is a cycle we are proud to be part of. To spread joy, excitement, love and of course scrumptiousness. 

Thank you to all of you who make our day so special, by expressing your excitement and love our products. We hope you too receive a little Sisko Chocolate Christmas love from your friends and family xxx


Sisko Chocolate Christmas Catalogue 


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