Ethical Source

We are committed to supplying only the best for our consumers. A large part of that commitment is sourcing chocolate that is made responsibly. The cocoa industry is extremely broken with an abundance of workers on farms being victims of child labour and living on less than a dollar a day. At Sisko Chocolate we a driven to support the cocoa industry and make sure living conditions can improve for these workers.
Our chocolate is purchased from multiple suppliers which we have individually assessed to ensure they uphold a certain standard. This standard ensures liveable conditions, fair wage, no child labour and general support of the cacao growing community.
Our main chocolate supplier is B Corporation certified. With “B” standing for “Benefit”, this certification identifies companies that are dedicated to better the world. Corporations must meet rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency in both social and environmental concerns. 5 areas are assessed;
  • Governance: Combat corruption and provide transparent financial information.
  • Employees: Offer appropriate pay, employee benefits, and career development.
  • Customers: Supply quality products & services and market them responsibly.
  • Community: Have a diverse community, make ethical commitments, and have good relationships with suppliers.
  • Environment: Pay attention to greenhouse gas emissions and the waste generated.
Upholding ethical practices in these 5 areas, our suppliers work closely with cocoa growing communities. Long term partnerships and projects improve living conditions of growers while addressing environmental issues. You can learn more about these projects here.
The majority of our chocolate products are purchased from overseas suppliers due to the limited amount of chocolate that is grown in Australia. However, we do still support our local community by selling a chocolate grown in Queensland as a part of our range. Additionally, we aim to buy as many of the yummy flavours we add to our chocolates from Australian suppliers as we can.
Furthermore, Sisko chocolate is all handmade on site in our studio in Hawthorn. We’re a small business creating jobs and tasty treats for locals.  You can learn more about us by clicking here
While a lot of our products contain dairy products we understand that it is important to many of our customers to buy vegan for ethical reasons. We are working towards all of our dark chocolate being dairy free and have a large vegan range at present which you can access here. This range is steadily growing so keep an eye out for new goodies!