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If you know anything about our founder Christina Tantsis, you know she is a little bit quirky. She has her own unique way of viewing the world around her so it comes with no great surprise that when she was handcrafting Easter eggs for her first Easter Collection in 2009 she felt the urge to shake things up a little ... or should we say smooth things out a little. She envisioned a bunny jumping in the fields with Easter eggs set up in hiding places ready for the Easter hunt. With Bunny hopping along I'm sure there would be the occasional stomping of Eggs. Hence the Flat Eggs were born. "Why have eggs filled with air?" she says. So difficult and messy to eat as they crumble into pieces. 

So now you know how the Flat eggs came about and how wonderful they have been accepted around Melbourne, nationally and on many international voyages.  

The Flat Eggs have been part of the Sisko Chocolate Easter range ever since. Made with premium Valrhona French Chocolate, they are deliciously decadent. 

Our Flat Eggs are available in a variety of fun prints as well as delicious toppings. 

Our family favourites Hopp - Pek - Cluk - Buk  and one-off designer eggs are sure to be in-store 

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