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Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Double-Wall Thermal Bodum Glass with Chocolate Sphere and Marshmallow

Experience the ultimate Hot Chocolate with our gift boxed set. This delightful package includes a double-wall thermal Bodum glass with a decadent chocolate sphere containing a house-made vanilla bean marshmallow. Also, don't forget the hot chocolate mix! Perfect for a single serving, this is a hot chocolate lover's dream.

  • Complete Hot Chocolate Experience: Our gift set provides everything you need for a memorable hot chocolate experience, from the glass to the decadent chocolate sphere.

  • House-Made Vanilla Bean Marshmallow: Discover the joy of a handmade vanilla bean marshmallow nestled within the chocolate sphere, a delightful surprise.

  • Single Serve Convenience: With a weight of 57g, this set is ideal for a single-serving decadent hot chocolate experience.

  • Easy Preparation: Follow our simple steps for heating the milk with the hot chocolate mix, slowly pouring over the chocolate sphere, and savouring the melt of fine couverture chocolate as. the marshmallow is revealed .

  • Handcrafted in Melbourne: Made with care in small batches at our studio in Melbourne, ensuring quality and flavor.

  • Luxuriously Smooth French Chocolate: Crafted with the finest French chocolate, our hot chocolate set promises a rich and luxurious taste experience.

Elevate Your Hot Chocolate Moments:

Elevate your hot chocolate moments with our Hot Chocolate Sphere Experience. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a delightful gift for someone special, this set promises a memorable and flavourful hot chocolate experience.

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