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Daily Dose Sprinkles Milk Chocolate 42% Cacao 200g

Treat yourself to a delightful daily dose of joy with our Daily Dose Sprinkles Milk Chocolate. This indulgent tube is filled with rich and creamy milk chocolate, enhanced with the sweetness of colorful sprinkles and boasting a 42% cacao content for an exquisite taste.

  • Daily Delight: Elevate your daily routine with the pure delight of our Daily Dose Sprinkles Tube, offering a perfect blend of creamy milk chocolate and playful sprinkles.

  • Premium Cacao: Crafted with 42% cacao content, our signature blend milk chocolate ensures a luxurious texture that satisfies even the most discerning palates.

  • Generous 200g Size: Each tube provides a generous portion, making it ideal for daily indulgence, sharing with loved ones, or savouring every moment.

  • A Joyful Treat: Whether enjoyed solo or shared, our Daily Dose Sprinkles Tube promises to add a touch of sweetness and playfulness to your day.

Savour the Daily Delight:

Make your daily routine extraordinary with our Daily Dose Sprinkles 200g Tube Milk Chocolate, a delightful treat that goes beyond simple indulgence.

Savour the harmonious fusion of milk chocolate, colorful sprinkles, and the richness of 42% cacao, and let this chocolate tube be your daily source of joy and a special treat for all occasions.

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