Collection: The Journey of Cacao

Single Origin Chocolate Tasting

Understanding the journey of the cacao bean brings an awareness of how far and

how many steps are required to make chocolate as we know it.

Let us now slow down the process, and really taste the variations in each region.

As we take you on a world tour of cacao there are a few key things to discover.

What differentiates good quality chocolate.

Why various regions have such defined characteristics.

How the process of eating your chocolate enhances the experience and satisfaction.

Single Origin Orbs

A Short Tasting Journey

Four piece Orb Collection. Cacao bean and cocoa nibs .

Access to customised journey of cacao presentation.

Orb Box per gift $9 rrp $11

Upgrade the experience with a gift hamper or zoom package from $20 per person

Shipping additional

Tasting Flight for 2

Single Origin Chocolates - Tasting Flight for 2 | 9 pieces each

Large groups - 10 or more We can arrange a Zoom tasting journey with Founder Christina Tantsis  

Session 45 min - 1 hour

Orb Box per gift $33.60 rrp $42

Gift Hamper for 2 Tasting Kit $48 rrp $60


Luxury Travel Gifting  


Beautiful gifting. Luxury travel accessories and chocolate.  

TLN exclusive pricing from $50

Chocolate & Wine Gifting  


Chocolate and wine gifting option from $95

French wine and French couverture chocolates

Christmas in July


Christmas in July. Winter months and isolation makes for a perfect time for indulgence. A Christmas in July gifting option would be the perfect pick me up this time of the year.

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