Our Chocolate Dreams


Sisko Chocolate is a bespoke chocolate studio based in Hawthorn that creates innovative chocolate creations and experiences. We specialise in sourcing and working with the finest couverture chocolate. We are a small team and create in small batches. 

Sisko Chocolate was founded by Christina Tantsis in 2009, who wished to combine her love of design with her love of chocolate. Moving back from California after 7 years she was energised to create something new and exciting and that little bit different. She certainly has enjoyed pushing the boundaries and expectation of how chocolate can be enjoyed.

Whether you are looking for a self-indulgent treat or a more elaborate custom-designed sculpture or centrepiece, our aim is to leave you with an impression of not only quality but one that would have stimulated your senses.

It is our philosophy that our designs are both innovative and visually appealing as well as delicious when you dive into them or perhaps gift them. We enjoy the pleasure that chocolate brings to people and if we can make that journey even more memorable and special, then we have accomplished our goals.